Libertad Del Coqui

This piece is created to honor my Puerto Rican brothers and sister who continue to fight through the oppression they have faced from the United States. After gaining independence from the Spaniards for a short time, the island was once again colonized by the US. We see today the massive billion dollar debt the island has, as well as the poverty rate. Though the island is filled with rich resources, the people of Puerto Rico don’t seem to benefit fully from it.

I utilized the Coqui to symbolize the people of Puerto Rico’s continuous will to fight against oppression. As the imagery turns from dirty and grungy, into brightness and positivity, viewers feel their spirits lift. Each piece of imagery added is a symbolism of Puerto Rico’s overall history, resistance, and pride.

Libertad Del Coqui

3x5ft Oil on wood wired and framed for hanging. To clean use a light feather duster, or gently use a very damp paper towel.

625.00 $

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