Mlinzi Wangu (My Guardian)

Mlinzi Wangu is a piece that represents many things from spiritual connectivity between man and animal, to a glimpse into what beauties lie within heaven. Through my continuous use of Western and Eastern Afrikan influences, as well as influence from my own Afro-Latin culture, I attempt to tell a story through the use of symbolism alone. I am also heavily inspired by my own dreams and try to interpret them through my paintings. Every aspect of my artwork should be viewed as if there is more than meets the eye. The question that should be asked is who exactly is Mlinzi Wangu in this piece? Is it the figure? The Black Jaguar? The Nature that surrounds them? The galaxy that appears to consume them? Or, a force that is omnipresent and unseen? While the figure in the background appears to be forming the nature around them, is that exactly the case? Both manner of creatures illuminate with pure golds and blues so vibrant, you get a sensation that you couldn’t hold a gaze to them in the physical form. While working on this piece I found myself being taken aback by the image I was creating. I felt as though I was walking through a gem of land deep and hidden from humanity and upon reaching a certain point, I was confront by these two beings. The more I put brush to the blank canvas, the more I revealed the imagery hidden behind it. I am always interested to know what feelings invoke my audience when they view my artwork.

Mlinzi Wangu

24 x 36” mixed media on canvas painting. This piece has two layers of protective varnish and has a nice gloss finish. The painting is framed inside a 30 x 40” wooden frame, and has a plexiglass cover in front. Canvas is wired for hanging.


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