About Me

Why I Choose This Journey!

I have had a burning passion for art since I was a young child starting the craft at the age of three years old. Art has been a generational blessing passed down in my family. The amount of expression that I can create within a body of work motivates me to continue my artistic journey.

When I first began creating work, I made things that seemed “beautiful” because that was my perception of what art should be. I didn’t see the beauty in something that’s not necessarily beautiful, but rather aesthetically pleasing. I had confined myself into such a small box, not truly looking into the work that I had been creating and the meaning behind it.

By the time of my junior year of high school I started to fully invest myself into art, the history behind it, mediums, and styles. When I started college, I began my journey of identity exploration within myself culturally, ethnically, and racially. I found these ideas to be more meaningful to me rather than creating something with no real idea behind it.

From there, I found my calling. My work started becoming less about me and more about the others of my community (Black-American/African & Latinx) because I saw the way my expressionist work of identity touched them. They related to my work and the struggles that we share together, along with our beautiful culture. I have reached a point now where creating artwork has become selfless, as my goal is to be a voice for the people of my community who want to see artwork that represent themselves.

Before graduating college, I decided to intern at Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology, rather than picking an art gallery to intern and curate in, (which I know I would have gained more valuable experience). My role was assistant Fine Arts instructor for inner city youth. This experience changed my life and inspired so much of my artwork that came after. I am a strong believer that art heals and will aid changing the world. The future is certainly with our children. From this internship, I moved forward into education and have utilized my Integrated Arts Bachelor’s degree within the classroom setting. I have formed so many great relationships with children from the inner cities, and many different refugees, just through bonding from simple art activities. I genuinely value all the relationships I have built with them thus far. My goal is to continue impacting the lives of youth through my Visual Arts business. Eventually I aim to start a Non-Profit community organization for the arts, for children who suffer with trauma, and with artistic talents.

I know that because of what I focus on, many people may not understand my works meaning, and shy away from it. I’ve learned throughout my time in college that that’s ok, because there will always be at least one person that my work affects. If everyone at an art show walked past my work, and one person came to me and told me that it impacted their lives in some way, then I’d still appreciate that. I have put it on myself to be a voice for the voiceless, or for those with no artistic talents, to share their stories and the struggles we all bare. For me, being an artist will always be a journey of growth, to see how my work matures each year, and the genuine response I get from people is truly rewarding to me.

1 Peter 4:10: As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same on to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.